New pictures of DJ Tira’s dancer Nhalnhla Chiliza. The dancer who is being accused of r@pe is out on bail. Dancer Nhlanhla Chiliza is known for his slick moves on stage with DJ Tira. But the Afrotainment dancer is now facing a charge of r@ping a 13-year-old girl.

He was arrested last Monday and appeared in the Durban Magistrates Court yesterday, where he pleaded not guilty. The dancer was allegedly arrested at the victim’s house while trying to convince her family to drop the charges against him.

Popularly known as Sgaqah, Nhlanhla is part of DJ Tira’s Amadada dance crew. During his bail hearing, he told the court he had no previous convictions or pending cases. He said he had two children he took care of with his salary of R15 000.

His boss DJ Tira gave a public statement concerning the case, and this is what he had to say: Founder of record label Afrotainment DJ Tira has released a statement in which he addressed the rape allegations made against one of his dancers Nhlanhla Chiliza.

In the statement, the company begins by setting the record straight, “Afrotainment would like to express to the members of the public, family of the alleged victim, and the press, that Afrotainment does NOT condone or promote, support any @buse of another human being.”

The record label which has signed some of South Africa’s biggest music stars explained in the statement how Sgaqa handed himself over to the police after he became aware of the charges laid against him.

So here 10 pictures of the dance, in case you didn’t know him very well. Take a look at these pictures taken from his Instagram account, and please CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURES


2Dancer Nhalnhla Chiliza

Nhlanhla Chiliza