Telkom has announced that its mobile customers across all plans can now transfer data to other users.

This makes Telkom the first mobile network in South Africa to enable data transfer in accordance with ICASA’s end-user subscriber rules, said the company.

Telkom said data transfers can be accomplished via the *180# USSD menu.

In addition to the ability to transfer mobile data to other users, Telkom subscribers will now also enjoy extended data validity periods.

Telkom mobile products and services executive Andrew Dawson said the company proceeded with the implementation of the end user subscriber charter despite regulatory uncertainty because Telkom believes it is the right thing to do for the customer.

“Telkom has always led the charge on data,” said Dawson.



“We championed lower data prices for consumers and the implementation of the customer services charter is yet another way of protecting the customer’s interest.”

6-month data bundles
Telkom said that implementing these new mobile data rules ensures customers who buy smaller bundles (25MB-500MB) will have greater benefits.

The company said that 25MB to 500MB prepaid data bundles will now last 6 months. The validity period of bundles larger than 500MB is two calendar months.

Under ICASA’s new regulations, all Internet service providers – including mobile networks – are prohibited from charging subscribers for out-of-bundle usage without consent.

They also require networks to offer the ability to roll over unused data, and allow for the transfer of data to another subscriber on the same network.

The End-User and Subscriber Service Charter Regulations be implemented from 28 February 2019.

Source: Mybroadband