General Shadrack Sibiya

The former Gauteng Hawks head, General Shadrack Sibiya, has lashed out at the State for its decision to provisionally withdraws charges against him and former Hawks national head Anwar Dramat on Monday morning.

The State told the court that it has withdrawn charges of murder against Sibiya and Dramat after the two made representations to the NPA.

The State, however, said they would continue with the prosecution of top cop Lesley “Cowboy” Maluleke on November 12. The State, also indicated that they would not oppose the move by Maluleke’s attorney’s to make representations.

The three were charged in 2016 following allegations that they were involved with the rendition of several Zimbabweans to their authorities in 2010.

General Shadrack Sibiya

On Sunday, however, Sibiya still denied the allegations against him and Dramat insisting that the allegations were “manufactured and engineered” by those who were allegedly against them.
He was also not happy with the decision to provisionally withdraw charges, saying a stay of prosecution was the best option.

“We were not involved in the rendition,” Sibiya said.


Source: IOL