Water is an essential part of our lives, even in winter we still have to drink a substantial amount of water.

During the summer months, it is easy to keep up with our water intake; our bodies’ thirst is a side effect of the heat and very few of us can go several hours without being thirsty.

Our bodies are mostly made of water – about 70% overall – and regardless of the time of year, requires good hydration


Are you drinking enough water? Some symptoms of dehydration include chapped lips, a dry cough, nosebleeds, mild headaches, and acne. According to Filter Butler, here some guidelines for drinking sufficient water in winter.

Water intake for men:
If you are mostly sedentary, drink 8-10 glasses per day
If you exercise, drink between 10-14 glasses per day

Water intake for women:
If you are mostly sedentary, drink 6-8 glasses per day
If you exercise, drink 8-12 glasses per day
If you are breastfeeding, drink 7-10 glasses per day
How do make sure you get the required intake in?


Mark your water bottle.

Source: eNCA

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