Pasi Koetle

I approve of myself, I Love myself deeply and fully – Pasi Koetle. Popularly known as Dintle a character she plays os Etv’s hit drama Scandal, Pasi is one of the household names when it comes to entertainment. She has grown in front of our screens. She came and conquered.

We cannot talk about Scandal and not mention Dintle. Dintle has come from far and her antics keeps on coming and she never gives up. Here are some things to know about Dintle the character.

Having been abandoned by her parents and raised by her aunt, Dintle is determined to overcome poverty and suffering. She is a survivor and does not squirm to use her looks or her charm to improve her status in life. Dintle’s eventful life has seen her marry Mangi while he was in prison; sleep with her father-in-law, Lucas and her husband’s cousin Quinton.

The pregnant she had turned out to be Quinton’s, and now she is trying to warm her way back to Quinton’s life but will she succeed. Well, we will have to wait and see if her crazy plans will work. To know more about Dintle and the rest of her co-actors watch Scandal every weekday from 19:30hrs to 20:00 hrs.

The star who is a favourite of many Mzansi viewers who watch Scandal. She has become a household name because of her role as Dintle on Etv’s Scandal. The actress who is also a businesswoman running a Cafe shop which is doing very well in Joburg. She is also a stunning woman judging from the pictures she posts on her Instagram, check these latest photos she posted…

Pasi Koetle



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Pasi Koetle


I approve of myself, I Love myself deeply and fully…




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Pasi Koetle

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