Isibaya actor turns down a big government job for acting. Staffers at the Gauteng Department of Health have alleged that Isibaya actor Charles Phasha gets paid to do nothing as he is still earning a salary for a position they believe he barely fills.

Department of Health staffers is frustrated that Phasha is allegedly never around to do his work.

Isibaya actor


Sunday Sun reports that a number of sources have come forward to state that Phasha, who plays Jerry Ndlovu on the weekly soapie, is rarely at the office and they often have to pick up the slack.

They believe that he is putting all his time into his role on Isibaya and his duties as director of the departmental Health Clinic Committee has come second to his passion for acting.

“It’s worrying that Jerry is given freedom to do as he pleases and gets paid for it. We spend most of our time here at work doing what we’re employed to do but Charles spends most of his time shooting. He’s forever not here and they’re afraid to take action against him because he’s well connected in the ANC,” an unidentified source told the publication.


Another source allegedly stated that employees have been complaining about him for a long time but nothing has been done about their complaints. “Committees that report to him find it hard to work with him as he’s never around,” added the source.

The staffers’ main concern stems from the fact that they are viewed as incompetent as a result of their not being able to complete their work due to Phasha’s frequent absence.

They would prefer it if he stepped down to focus on acting full time. When contacted for comment, the Gauteng Department of Health’s spokesperson Lesemang Matuka said that the department will issue a statement on the matter in due course.

Phasha was reportedly not available for comment.

Source: The Citizen