Mshoza on becoming a sangoma: ‘I didn’t believe in such but it got to me


It seems this year is a very busy one for Mshoza.Just a few weeks after releasing her single, Ayina Chorus getting bum implants and working on her latest album, Mshoza has also confirmed that she is going through “Ukuthwasa” in order to become a sangoma (traditional healer).

The rapper took to Instagram yesterday to confirm that she is indeed preparing to be a sangoma but also stressed that she still believes in God and still prays to Him.


“Yes, I didn’t believe in such but it got to me… yes ngiya thwasa… yes i strongly believe in God by all means i pray… Thokoza gogo?????? bhala mabhalane keh …. it doesn’t take away the fact that i am Gods creation.?? [sic]” she wrote Mshoza

Speaking to DrumMshoza confirmed that she is on her way to becoming a Sangoma.

Source: IOL