Mortimer Saunders

Self-confessed child killer Mortimer Saunders has been found guilty of premeditated murder and r@ping three-year-old Courtney Pieters while she was alive.

Earlier As Judge Babalwa Mantame listed the injuries Courtney suffered.

The DNA of a male was found in the deep vag!nal vault of the deceased. This tested positive for semen.

Saunders has denied that he penetrated Courtney with his penis.

Judge Babalwa stated that it was highly improbable that semen could enter the vagina with fingers.

Saunders was arrested in May last year after Courtney’s was found on a rubbish heap in Bofors Circle, Epping Industria. She had been missing for nine days. He had participated in the search for her and supported her family during vigils held to pray for the child’s safe return.

Mortimer Saunders


In May this year, Saunders admitted to killing the toddler by poisoning her – allegedly because he harboured ill feelings toward her mother. He said it was not his intention to kill Courtney and that he just wanted to make her ill.

He has admitted to killing Courtney but steadfastly denied that he raped her. Forensic evidence has also failed to conclusively prove that the little girl was r@ped. Saunders did, however, admit to performing a sex act on the corpse.

In September his defence attorney stunned the court by claiming that Saunders never admitted to killing Courtney, despite his plea explanation being entered into the court record.

Source: News24