Amanda and Xolani

Most brothers are a little over protective of their sisters. Not Amanda’s brother though. He actually ‘had a hand’ in Amanda and Xolani’s love story.

You see, Amanda’s brother and Xolani are friends and when the two brothers met at a family gathering, the brother had already told Xolani everything he needed to know about her. This was in 2008.

Xolani stopped by Amanda’s house the day after the family gathering and they decided to go out for lunch. This was only when Xolani got a chance to talk to Amanda. Well, let’s just say, they did a little more than chat. They also kissed!

Unfortunately, Amanda had to return to her home in Orlando shortly. They didn’t exchange contacts though and since they hadn’t exchanged numbers during the outing, Xolani asked for Amanda’s number from her brother and they started communicating.

Amanda and Xolani Xolani says he loves everything about Amanda, her smile, personality etc.. Ironically, Amanda also loves everything about Xolani.

Like any other couple, they’ve had their share of challenges but at the end of the day, they fix things together. Xolani proposed in 2014 during a trip to Durban.  While at the beach, he called her and went on his knees and asked her to marry him. She was excited, called her mom and told her she’s getting married


Source: Twitter