James lives by the motto, “When you love something, why not go for it? and that’s exactly what he did when he met Cecilia.

The couple met through a mutual friend last year. Cecilia was oblivious of the fact that James was watching her every move that day. They didn’t talk but James did tell their mutual friend that he’d like to meet her again sometime.

Two weeks later, the friend texted James, giving him the heads-up that Cecilia would actually be attending their church service that Sunday. James made sure he attended, looking all sort of dapper too!


He got a chance to speak to her during offering time and asked for her number, but she refused, saying she doesn’t give her number to strangers. Later, they exchanged numbers and have been chatting since that day, In fact, they started dating that day!

Cecilia loves the fact that he’s humble. She loves him more for looking after her mother the time she fell ill.  James says he saw his soulmate the day they met and he’s been happy since.

Tonight, the couple will exchange vows, in front of friends and relatives and they invite you to join them on their special day.