Demi Lovato

Just over two months after Demi Lovato was rushed to hospital for an apparent drug overdose, her mother, Dianna de la Garza has opened up about what happened.

In an episode of Newsmax TV, Dianna reveals that it is still very difficult to talk and think about.

“It’s still a really difficult thing to talk about, I literally start to shake a little bit when I start to remember what happened that day.”


Speaking about the moment she found out that Demi was being rushed to hospital, Dianna recalls that while she was receiving messages of concern for her daughter, she only found out what was going on after Demi’s assistant, Kelsey Kershner, informed her.

Demi Lovato

Dianna further reveals that she knew things were very bad after she asked Kelsey if Demi was okay, and the assistant told her the Sober hitmaker was conscious but not talking.


While Demi was being rushed to hospital, Dianna gathered herself enough to break the news to Demi’s sisters, Dallas and Madison, who then rushed to the hospital with her.

“We got there as quickly as we could. Dallas and Madison and I jumped out of the car at the emergency room and ran into the emergency room to be by her side.

“She just didn’t look good—at all. She was in bad shape. But I said to her, ‘Demi, I’m here. I love you.’ And at that point she said back to me, ‘I love you, too.’”

After hearing Demi’s response, the 56-year-old says she decided to never allow herself to think “that things weren’t going to be okay” again.


After sharing the traumatic account of what happened, Dianna shared some good news about Demi’s current condition.

“She’s happy. She’s healthy. She’s working on her sobriety, and she’s getting the help she needs. That in itself encourages me about her future and about the future of our family.”

Source: TMZ