The Ranakas

South Africa’s favourite reality TV family, The Ranakas, recently launched their own restaurant in Leondale, Gauteng.

Speaking to DRUM, radio presenter Dineo Ranaka sheds light on what inspired the eatery. “Lapeng La Ranaka was born from a typical black financial dynamic – black tax and unemployment,” the MetroFM presenter says.

As the Baby Mamas actress and her siblings moved out of the family home to start their own families their financial priorities would shift, so she decided to explain the situation to her parents so they could come up with a solution. “Once we’re completely focussed on our own families we’d hate to think you might feel neglected because other things are taking priority financially,” Dineo explained to her parents.

The Ranakas

“So we needed to find a healthy way to resolve unemployment and black tax and unemployment – I am speaking specifically to the situation where we are from in the East Rand.”

The Ranakas

The mom of two also explains there was a need to eliminate the unemployment epidemic in their area. “This black tax thing doesn’t affect us only as the Ranaka family, it affects every other family in our community.”

So what can we do to help, she asked.


“I said to my parents the answer is right in front of us. Your wife is a qualified chef. She’s running a catering company so why don’t we expand on that thought?”

It was through family financial contributions that Lapeng La Ranka was soon up and running.

The Ranakas

“The business will be able to employ within the community, be profitable and hopefully grow enough to branch out into other areas and keep on creating employment opportunities to help other families resolve their black tax issues as well,” adds the reality star.

So what can customers look forward to from Lapeng La Ranaka? “They can expect amazing food, great musical ambiance, great service and they can expect to interact with everyone else that enjoys that sort of vibe,” Dineo says.

“My siblings and I form part of the waitering staff. We feel it’s very important to form part of that staff because it’s the best way to be close to our customers – to understand what they want. So they can expect a space where they can be themselves, be comfortable, feel safe and just enjoy quality food.”

The Ranakas

The menu, which is specially prepared and cooked by Mama Siba Ranaka, has a variety of traditional South African cuisine, from tripe to dumplings, chakalaka and even chicken feet. Dineo says the menu also contains food kids love, such as hamburgers, and for those keen to stay in shape there is also the weight watchers section.

“We look forward to the support of the nation as we really want to help other families resolve their black tax issues by creating a place of employment. We want to be able to grow so we can employ,” Dineo says.

“I think it’s the call of my father’s heart to see many young people employed in this business, so support would be really great. If they can help out to help support society we would really appreciate it.”

Source: IOL