Papa Penny and King Monada

His music and name is on everyone’s lips these days and honestly, it’s not surprising.

Within a matter of weeks, King Monada has managed to grab the attention of the entire country with just one song that has many people literally fainting all over the place.

The young artist has also been lucky enough to receive a thumbs up from Shangaan disco king and reality TV star, Papa Penny Penny.

According to Daily Sun, Papa Penny paid King Monada a visit in his hometown of Bolebedu in Limpopo to not only acknowledge his talent, but to also make it clear that such a talented artist needs to be protected and guided in the right direction.

Papa Penny and King Monada

“Monada is a young boy with a bright future that needs to be protected. There are many promising young artists around the country, but some of them fail because they allow girls, alcohol and fame to drive them crazy,” Papa Penny told the publication.

The iconic musician also hopes that King Monada’s manager will do a great job in managing and grooming him into one of South Africa’s best when it comes to music. That’s some great advice, Papa Penny Penny.


Source: DailySun