Ever imagined yourself eating gelato while walking through the alleyways of one of the most popular cities around the world, but cannot handle the massive crowds or are worried that you won’t get to see everything while on foot?

That’s understandable because a lot of tourists share the same sentiments about touring the great Italian city of Rome

However, there are other ways to explore the ancient city that allow you to get the full experience. Here are four cool ways to explore the eternal city of Rome.

Take a Vespa/bike tour

A Vespa tour is a fun, alternative way to see the city, especially when the itinerary is customized to suit your interests.

Whether you opt to drive your own scooter or want to see the city as a passenger, Scooteroma offers wonderful self-drive tours around Rome, as well as unique food-focused circuits with stops at local markets, eateries, and cafes

A bike tour is also an ideal tour for those who aren’t too keen on riding a Vespa or going on foot through the Eternal city.


TopBike Rental & Tours offer an assortment of cycling tours, most of which include both famous attractions as well as lesser-known sights.

Explore the not-so-popular ancient buildings

A nice way to escape massive crowds is to visit the not-so-popular buildings in Rome. An interesting building to visit is the ancient Bacchic lair, the famous Mausoleum of Santa Constanza, which was home to the Netherlandish brotherhood called the Bentvueghels, who lived in Rome during the 17th century.

The Bentvueghels were notorious for their wild initiation rituals, which took place in a so-called Temple of Bacchus, outside the city walls.

Another building to visit is the Pantheon, a magnificently preserved ancient Roman temple, with a circular hole in the centre of the domed roof that is said to be an open window to the heavens.

The 2000-year-old temple became a church in 605 A.D but is said to be one of Rome’s best architectural creations in the modern Western world.


Make a day trip to the Vatican

Plan a day to take a break from the Eternal City and visit the Vatican, where you can explore the ancient ruins of one of the oldest religious cities in Europe.

Visit Christendom’s grandest church – St. Peter’s Basilica, the Michelangelo-decorated Sistine Chapel, and a suite of rooms decorated by Raphael.

Close to the Vatican is the imposing Castel Sant’Angelo, built as Emperor Hadrian’s mausoleum and later turned into a fortress.

Go on an evening eating tour

Rome di giorno (during the day) is drastically different than Rome di sera (evening). The atmosphere is quite different from what one would expect when exploring the city during the day.

The crowd sizes may not differ too much, but the vibes change drastically, and for some, the change gives tourists a glimpse into Rome’s nightlife.

One of the coolest aspects about Rome is undoubtedly their food, so why not go on an eating tour around the city  – eating meals from a hot, steamy carbonara or pizza, to a cup of gelato for dessert – ending all of that with a crisp glass of vino (wine).

One can go on their own eating tour of the city, or go with a tour guide – if they prefer a guided tour of some of Rome’s most authentic restaurants. 

Source: IOL