Twitter might be a come across as a hateful social media platform but every now and then some good does come out of it.

Local DJ Euphonik was so moved by a tweep being grateful for his job on the micro-blogging platform that he invited him to apply as head of security at one of his buildings.


Twitter user Solly Serotxa voiced his gratitude about being employed even though he is not proud of being a security guard. “Am not proud to be security guard but am proud to have a job

The “Vuma” producer saw the post and quote tweeted it with, “Buthi please send your CV To the email in my bio. Perhaps we can make you head of security at one of our buildings. Your attitude is 💯”.


Tweeps also praised Euphonik for his efforts with some even offering to help Serotxa with his CV if he has any trouble with it.

Source: IOL