Solo and Dineo Moeketsi

Apart from his career, two other things that Solo takes seriously are his family and relationship with his partner, Dineo Moeketsi. Known as the hottest couple in Mzansi entertainment, Solo and Dineo Moeketsi have consistently shown us in more ways than one why they are one of our faves.

Solo and Dineo Moeketsi

In July 2018, rumours that Solo had tied the knot with Dineo ran amok as pictures of what looked like a traditional wedding surfaced on social media. Although the couple neither confirmed nor denied that they had a traditional wedding, it is quite clear that the rapper had indeed paid lobola for The Queen actress.

Solo and Dineo Moeketsi
In a recent message on Instagram, Solo reminisced about the great decisions that have impacted his journey as a man of purpose. He even mentioned that he had even begun the process of lobola negotiations and even went through an initiation process last year, highlighting the fact that his priorities have definitely changed in these past couple of years.Solo and Dineo Moeketsi

He wrote: “This time last year, I had sent a delegation to negotiate amalobola. I had also gone through an initiation. I rounded off the year, focusing on my family and tradition. At 30 years old, my priorities are different. My understanding of identity is different.Solo and Dineo Moeketsi

It’s everything to me. Everything connects in my life. My art, my spirituality and my family. Let no man attempt to dismantle what I am building. Laba abahamba nami bakhulu!!”

Respect to you, Solo. You are indeed a man of purpose.


Source: Zalebs