Musa Mseleku

During the last season of UthandoNesthembu Musa and his wives had discussed plans of finally celebrating their white weddings.

This basically meant that Musa is responsible for planning four white weddings in the near future. Woah! We can only imagine how much all these white weddings will cost Mseleku, but we’re sure he’ll be able to handle it.

It has also been reported that MaCele will be the first wife who will have the honour of celebrating her white wedding with Mseleku.

According to Isolezwe, the couple is set to celebrate their white wedding on Saturday. The publication reported that although MaCele is the first wife that got married to Mseleku, it was MaYeni aka Candy Crush Queen who celebrated her white wedding first but never had her traditional wedding.
It gets even more confusing because, during the last season, it was actually revealed that Musa had not married his wives traditionally as well, which means he actually has to do both the white and traditional weddings for his wives. Yikes!

So, this is a bit confusing to us, seeing that all four wives never had their white and traditional weddings, how are they then married to Musa?
Oh, but wait, maybe they just decided to sign marriage papers and get on with their lives.

Musa Mseleku

Speaking to Isolezwe, Musa revealed that he did not want to divulge further about this white wedding as all will be revealed in the next season of UthandoNesthembu.


Apparently, it seems that this wedding was supposed to be something that was to be kept on the down low until the third season airs.

Oh well, we guess the cat’s out the bag now