Prince Costinyo and AKA

Rapper AKA’s company Beam Group is in mourning after their CEO Prince Costinyo (real name Prince Nyembe) recently lost his mother. However, the company may be in mourning for different reasons as fans have suspected a rift between AKA and Prince for months.

These suspicions went into overdrive after AKA (Kiernan Forbes) took to Instagram to state that he would be taking over the management responsibilities for his brand and that his road manager Tshiamo Letshwene would continue to handle all bookings. In addition to that, the email listed for Letshwene is different from the Beam Group email that he used to use.


AKA statement

Nyembe has been posting throughout the mourning process and this has led fans to believe that he has merely taken time off to mourn and that all is well at Beam Group.


Although AKA attended the funeral which was held on Sunday, a cryptic tweet by Costinyo about losing close friends has kept skepticism alive…