In a series of tweets, AKA said that Beam Group no longer represents him or manages him “in any capacity” and while he is the owner he is in the process of shutting it down.

Local rapper AKA announced he has left his own company, Beam Group and that they no longer present him.



Unfortunately, I also have to announce that Beam Group now no longer represents or manages me in ANY capacity. While I remain the owner of the company, I’m actually in the process of shutting it down.

Supa Mega then stated that while he and his business partners had the best of intentions, things were not working out the way he wanted to and he’s taking his ball and playing somewhere else.


The “Fela in Versace” ended his announcement by saying that is own brand is a company, therefore he doesn’t see the point of having a company.

This comes as a surprise to most fans as the rapper left his former label and management company, Vth Season, in 2016 to launch Beam Group.

Source: IOL News