North West school

Parents shut down Moefi High School in Mabalstad outside Rustenburg over fears of satanism.

They wanted the principal out, claiming he did not report the incident. They said pastors could have been arranged to pray.

They further alleged the principal was protecting three learners who were alleged to be behind satanic activities at the school. One of them allegedly told community members that it was too late as they already initiated their peers and elders in the community.

Children did not go to school on Tuesday, while those who went returned home as there were no teachers.

There are very scary things happening in that school. In some classrooms, there are satanic symbols written on the walls. They are like those ones we see in scary movies. Sometimes we would find them written in white chalk or blood. Or we find dead animals with strange things tied on them,” a pupil said.

North West school

She said they fear going to school because they might be targeted.


The community held a closed meeting on Tuesday, requesting Kgosi Edward Mabalane to remove the principal officially.

Mabalane said the traditional leadership have decided that the deputy principal must take over, while the issue was being investigated.

“The learners must write their examination tomorrow [Wednesday]. Education is important and this school is the first to have paperless learning,” he said.

North West education spokesperson Freddy Sepeng said the matter was being investigated.

A prayer session was expected to be held at the school on Wednesday.

Source: eNCA