Ayanda Ncwane

In December 2016, her husband, Sfiso Ncwane passed away due to a kidney failure and of course, living without her soulmate has not been easy. And get this, she’s received some relationship advice from those around her.

Speaking about moving on Tumi Morake’s show earlier this month, Ayanda said, “with me, these conversations always come up when I’m given advice… People saying ‘yho Ayanda, ungajoli’.”

Ayanda Ncwane

She said these comments come from abo Mam’fundisi and church people.
Because she and her husband had a very tight bond, Ayanda also gets asked how she copes.

Ayanda Ncwane

Will, she ever move on or remarry? “God willing, if this is the life that God has designed for me, so shall it be,” Ayanda told Tumi.

Ayanda Ncwane


The couple met 15 years ago when she was just 18 years old.,“I’ve spent my entire adulthood with him so I don’t know anything…”

Ayanda Ncwane

A couple of days ago, Manaka Ranaka came to Ayanda’s defence after social media users accused her of giving away her late husband’s clothes.

Source: Allwoman

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