Skolopad and DR Malinga

While the well-known producer hasn’t signed Skolopad just yet, he called her on stage to perform with him over the weekend.  Local entertainer Skolopad’s hard work has finally paid off, with Dr Malinga offering to help her grow her music career.

Skolopad couldn’t contain her excitement over being given opportunity and shared her experience with her fans on social media on Tuesday, alongside the caption:  “Performing my song on Saturday with Mr Kick”

Skolopad and DR Malinga


Speaking to TsishaLIVE, she revealed that while she is looking for a recording deal, she hasn’t been offered one yet.

“No. I’m not signed yet but Dr Malinga has been putting me on. When I talked to Malinga he suggested that I come to do a weekend of performances with him, you know like a protégé would shadow a mentor. I thought it was a great idea since I am off work for now so I drove to Joburg and met up with him and the Lingas crew for a weekend of fun.”

Talking about the future Skolopad said she would like to be signed to Dr Malinga and will do whatever is necessary to make her career aspirations a reality.


“I’ve always hoped that Dr Malinga would eventually sign me and when he said ‘Not at the moment’ the first time around, I understood that he needed me to prove how much I want this and how much passion I have for music and performance. So when called me up to tag along to his performances I took my time to show him what I am made off.”

Watch the video where they performed together below:

Source: IOL News

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