Pink Girl

Bonang’s cousin Pink Girl wants to build an empire for herself. The reality star shot to fame in a matter of months, and she plans on using her newfound popularity to build her own empire.

She was first introduced to us as the quirky cousin of local TV personality Bonang Matheba on the reality show Being Bonang, but once you get to know her, it’s easy to see that Pinky Girl is so much more than just Bonang’s assistant.

Pink and Bonang
Pink and Bonang

Speaking to The Juice about how much her life has changed since Being Bonang first hit TV screens in 2017, Pinky Girl (real name Tebogo Mekgwe) says at first the sudden stardom was a little overwhelming.

Pink Girl

She says; “I was panicking because I’m very private so sometimes I would feel like this is too much for me, I can’t do it. I felt like wherever I would go people knew everything about me. Especially when they approached me, I felt so overwhelmed.”

One question she gets most often is whether she would be interested in taking the lead in her own reality show. The answer, a resounding, yes!

Pink Girl


“Yes, I’m planning on having my own reality show. People have been asking about it and I’m thinking of doing that as well.”  And as for what it would be called, she says: “Keeping up with Pinky Girl.”

Following the show’s success, it didn’t take long before the former IT specialist became comfortable in her new role as a reality star. Everywhere she went, people knew her name, and Pinky Girl realised she had a major branding opportunity in front of her.

“After that, I started putting a lot of work into doing interviews for me as a brand. My mom was like, ‘you need to build up this name’. I spend a lot of time with my mom, and when I’m with her people recognise me. I was like ‘you know what, I need to do something with my brand Pinky Girl. I should build it up’.”

Pink girl

And that’s exactly what she is doing. Pinky Girl explains that she has been approached by fashion designers to model their clothes and has even started auditioning for shows as an actress.

But that does not even begin to scratch the surface of the plans this 30-year-old has for herself.

She tells us about a foundation she would like to establish called the “Pinky Girl Foundation” which will focus on empowering women. “I am working on building my empire, Pinky Girl, which will be all about empowering females,” she says.

Pink Girl

Her foundation, which is still in its planning phase, will see her doing motivational talks mainly focused on dealing with “abuse, depression and self-care.”

The star says her love of beauty products has also led to the possibility of her own range. “Pinky Girl is a lover of good things, especially self-care. Hence I am doing research on beauty products and finding ways to get the perfect product that will accommodate young and old females.”

One thing is for sure…you better move fast if you want to keep up with Pinky Girl.

Source: News24