Busiswa and Nuz Queen

What set this beef off was Busiswa’s verse on “Gagashe II” where tweeps originally thought she was coming for “TDK Macasette” last Friday. It’s not only us female artists having, Gqom artist Busiswa and Nuz Queen were in a Twar over claims of a stolen song.

However, the “Bazoyenza” artist set the record straight saying that the diss was aimed at Nuz Queen who she believes stole Laze Lavuka IDemon Lami from the Ed Harris, Pearl and Sdudla Somdantso produced track Gagashe (Laze lavuuuuki idemoni lami bo).

There was an explosion of words as they exchanged words on Twitter. Busiswa replied: She’s a thief. She stole a dope from young upcoming artists & we are not here for it. Who’s the bully?

The two gqom artists duked it out of the Twitter streets with both of them throwing insults at one another.


Nuz Queen then finally told her side of the story on Metro FM where she stated that the allegation were false and she produced her track before Ed Harris and his collaborators worked on theirs.

“In gqom we use similar materials. We all use fruit loops. I did a beat, I’m a producer. I produced the song then I saw on social media that there was a song and that it was  already done.”

Nuz Queen then contacted Ed Harris after hearing the similarities to find out if it was OK to release the song.  “I called him (Ed Harris) I said, I wanted to clarify that I have a similar song and that I didn’t want them to go around saying I stole their song.”

She then went to explain that her track was done in February but held off on releasing it because it was an unfinished project.

Nuz Queen also addressed Busiswa’s diss verse saying: “Busiswa is just grabbing on this opportunity because she doesn’t have a song that’s out and on at the moment. It’s almost December and it’s the festive, the heat is on and everyone is scrambling at the moment”.

She also issued a warning to the ‘Midnight Starring’ songstress.

“Honey, you should think again, because you know you survive on leftovers starting from iGobisiqolo with that boy Biiza. Okay? You ain’t an artist to me honey but I’m coming for you, you should know that!”.

Watch the full interview below:

Source: IOL News

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