The 25-year-old rapper reportedly had her mug shot and fingerprints taken at the station before she was handed the arraignment date of October 29.

Cardi B handed herself in to police on Monday and was charged with the two misdemeanour offences after allegedly ordering an attack on two bartenders at Angels Str!p Club in Queens, New York, in August.

Joe Tacopina, the attorney for the alleged victims, told “She [Cardi B] continues to threaten them and clearly thinks her celebrity status is going to get her out of this. But it doesn’t matter if her name is Cardi B or Carl B … if she commits violent assaults she will be brought to justice.”It was previously claimed the ‘Be Careful’ hitmaker had a long-standing issue with bartenders Jade and Baddie Gi because of Cardi’s mistaken belief Jade had slept with her husband Offset, with whom she has two-month-old daughter Kulture.

Cardi B


And when she came face-to-face with the sisters at the club, where Offset was performing with his band Migos, she allegedly ordered her entourage to attack them with bottles, chairs and a hookah smoking device.

The women were both hurt but declined medical attention. However, insiders claim the attack was “spontaneous” and triggered after someone threw a drink.


Jade previously claimed that on August 15, five people close to Cardi attacked her by “grabbing her hair, punching her and hitting her with an ashtray”.

And on August 29, the sisters claimed Cardi’s entourage threw bottles and chairs at them both. While they admit Cardi did not physically attack them, they have claimed that she yelled “I’m blood, I’ll f**k you bitches up!”

The ‘I Like It’ hitmaker has denied the allegations against her and previously accused the sisters of seeking publicity.

Source: IOL News