Criselda Dudumashe

Criselda Dudumashe lays violence charges against her husband. TV and radio personality Criselda Dudumashe has laid a charge of domestic violence against her husband after he reportedly beat her on Monday.

On Tuesday morning, she took to Instagram to update friends and fans of the situation. She took to Instagram in the early hours of Tuesday morning to share the news in addition to explaining her reasons for doing so.

“Yesterday… revealed a different side to my Prince Charming. We woke up, exchanged unpleasant words, but I just pressed on to get to work by noon, not knowing that I was to walk right back home just after 4 pm to a raging monster out for blood. Yes, yesterday on 21 January 2019, my husband raised his hand [to] me and beat me… With the work that I do, in part advocating for women in abusive relationships and having previously lived through @buse, I know that it’s a beginning with no end,” wrote Criselda.

Criselda Dudumashe

The 49-year-old SAFM host has shared her past experiences with s.e.xual assault during her childhood and physical @buse during her first marriage, stating that she did so in the hope of inspiring fellow survivors.

“I remember when he would call me names, slap me for not being jealous. Tell me that if I leave him no one will ever love me, I’m stuck with him,” she told Times Live in a past interview about her ex-husband.

Criselda Dudumashe


She has also previously hailed her new husband for being different.

“I’m now married to my friend, cheerleader, comforter, confidant, skhokhosam, Zshap zam, my everyday crush. Thank you Siyolo Festival Dudumashe for loving my past hurts away. We are not perfect but are committed to giving our best our way,” she wrote in on anniversary post on social media.

She went on to explain that she decided to share the story herself as she had already received media queries about it.

Criselda Dudumashe

“That rage might have been my first experience with him, but I know from my work that if I stay it won’t be the last… Sadly, within hours of laying the charge, media queries came, as even our protection services violate our privacy as public figures. I choose to own my narrative, thus I wrote this note to my friends & supporters,” explained Dudumashe.

She went on to request “the privacy and space to deal with this tragedy” for herself and her family.

Source: The Citizen