Adam Catzavelos

DA Youth, along with the popular Twitterati lawyer Tumi Sole, said they had approached the SAHRC. Catzavelos, 40, whose family owns St George’s Fine Foods, was on holiday in Greece, giving an update from a beach via the video. He has since been fired by his family.

The DA has reported the alleged racist Adam Catzavelos to the South African Human Rights Commission for using racist remarks in a video which has gone viral on social media. The EFF was also expected to open criminal charges at a Johannesburg police station on Wednesday.

Adam Catzavelos


“Let me give you a weather forecast here; blue skies, beautiful day, amazing sea and not one k****r in sight,” he said in the video, using a derogatory term for black people used during apartheid rule in South Africa.

“F****ng heaven on earth,” Catzavelos added, with an expletive. The DA Youth has since referred the matter to the South African Human Right Commission (SAHRC).

DA Youth leader Luyolo Mphiti said: “We trust that the SAHRC will investigate this matter and hold Catzavelos accountable for his vile comments.”


“He has offended the dignity and human rights of all South Africans, and it is the likes of Catzavelos who seek to divide our society, who must be actively called-out at every turn. It is our collective responsibility to end racism wherever it arises. He, and all those who espouse his views have no place in a united South Africa,” Mphiti added.

Sole has also lodged a complaint on the SAHRC website against Catzavelos.

“The next step is for civil action and the monies, if successful, will go towards students who need to settle their student debt or registration using #CountryDuty,” he said on Twitter.

Catzavelos may also face criminal charges after the Economic Freedom Fighter’s Gauteng Branch opens a case against him at the Bramley Police Station on Wednesday afternoon.

EFF Gauteng chairperson, Mandisa Mashego, said: “EFF Gauteng will be opening a criminal case of racism against an entitled settler called Adam Catzavelos who defiled Africans by name calling us via a self-recorded mobile phone video that went viral on social media.”

Catzavelos has since been dismissed from the family business.

Source: IOL

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