AKA and DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle has come out once again to pour cold water on swirling speculation that she and AKA could be rekindling their flame

The rumour mill went into overdrive last week after a picture of Zinhle tightly hugging her baby daddy, AKA, went viral. The former lovers are happy co-parents to their daughter, Kairo.

DJ zinhle 

Even though she laughed off the speculation on social media at the time, fans aren’t convinced.

During an interview with City Press, Zinhle explained that there is nothing romantic about her relationship with AKA. She said that she asked the rapper to assist her as a musical director because she wants to release an album.

AKA“I have asked Kiernan to help me as a music director. There is really nothing there,” she said. Zinhle and AKA are happy co-parents to their daughter, Kairo.

“I see more of Kairo in him. They are more or less the same,” she added. Here’s the snap that started the commotion.


AKA and DJ Zinhle 

The picture was then followed by a tweet written: RT if you think what happens between Dj Zinhle and AKA is none of your business. Zinhle also poked fun at the fiasco, telling fans that they too could get a man with just one hug.

ARE YOU SINGLE? HAVE YOU BEEN UNLUCKY IN LOVE? THERE IS FINALLY A WAY TO GET A MAN!!! Just 1 hug and he is all yours. Yes, ladies, it’s that simple JUST 1 HUG. Just make sure there are cameras to seal the deal.

Source: The Citizen

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