A new survey in New Zealand which included s.e.xual health services and schools found an increasing number of genital injuries caused by violent s.e.x, often inspired by p0rn that shows violence as being a normal part of s.e.x. Is there a link between rape culture and p0rn0graphy?

According to the New Zealand Herald, people reported:


– the increased degradation, objectification and disrespect of women and girls;

– normalising of s.e.xual violence and force;

– a disregard for consent;

– devaluing of s.e.x; and

– an erosion of mutual pleasure and the normalising of painful s.e.x, particularly for women and gay males.


Schoolteachers, principals and guidance counsellors who responded to the online survey “gave many accounts of students viewing porn on personal or school devices during school hours”.

One said: “P0rn0graphy is now the main s.e.x educator for young people.”

“Young people have inadvertently educated that it’s normal to endure or inflict pain,” one person said.

Health services also reported seeing the negative effects of p0rn on real s.e.xual relationships. “Men are reporting problems with ‘normal’ s.e.x not being as stimulating as p0rn0graphy, causing difficulty reaching org@sm or maintaining an erect!on,” one person said.

The survey was done to inform resources for youth, schools and parents on how to deal with p0rn. The resources will be available online on 1 October at

Source: Daily Sun