“She was hailed as a hero and so have many other drivers who have taken on hijackers recently. What is not shared online, as often, is people who did the same thing but lost their lives in the process,” said MasterDrive SA.

A woman was recently in the news when she refused to get out of her car when hijackers knocked on her window and she reversed into their vehicle before they fled. When recent crime statistics were released, vigilante justice featured in Gauteng’s top three. Eugene Herbert, the managing director of MasterDrive, said defying a hijacker was, however, an incredibly dangerous action.


“Sharing selected stories of victory gives people a false sense of confidence. “While we cannot say why the hijackers did not shoot the mother and her daughter through the window, we can be sure there are many other hijackers who would not hesitate to do so.”

He said most often, hijackers had a plan and people in place should anything go wrong. “If they need your car to meet their quota, your life seldom matters. The best way to handle a hijacking is to know what to do. Once you know what to do, it gives you the opportunity to continue practising this so that it becomes second nature.

“You can then take the information you learned and share it with your children and loved ones so that they, too, know what to do in this frightening situation,” said Herbert

Source: The Daily Sun