Faith Nketsi asks Why do you follow me? Pictures


Faith Nketsi asks Why do you follow me? Pictures. She asked this question to her fans on Instagram. She wants to know why people follow her and her fans right away answered giving their honest opinions.

The star who is getting serious with body fitness and wants her body to look more sexxy than it is now. We all know Faith for her striking beautiful pictures that she posts on her Instagram account but she wants to look even more beautiful than she is and she is sharing with her fans how she is going to do it.

She wrote an interesting caption on one of her pictures concerning her weight: You’ll never please everyone, At the end of the day this is my body and I feel I look and feel my best when I’m smaller. I still have a long way to go and I’m working on it. It’s a journey and so far I’m loving my results. My waist on the before picture was 30” And now its 26” ☺️

The Queen Twerk is a b00tyfull South African entertainment model whose body has gotten her involved in more scandals. She is super-popular on Instagram for posting h0t and sexxy pictures of herself.

The latest pictures the Insta babe has posted are a must see. She has proven that she is the Queen and there is no stopping her. She has been quiet on social media for a while but she is back now and she is back with a bang.

Here are some of the responses and pictures of her she got from her Instagram follows on answering her question Why do you follow me? Enjoy…

Faith Nketsi


Some of her fans weren’t afraid to say what they thought and gave their honest opinion: I don’t know what look you’re trying to go for but you are naturally beautiful the way you were you kinda look like you’re sick in this picture honestly. Here in America, black women are starting to wake up and look more natural because black women are beautiful the way you are. Trying to look white.

Faith Nketsi


Some answered with this: Coz u keep it real girl…

Faith Nketsi


Good and positive comments came through: Because I love you?inspire me what you did to pay school fees really motivate me❤???✊to push.

Faith Nketsi


Some were even praising her banging H0T body: Your pictures are what I will be showing my surgeon when I get my BBL, wrote one fan.

Faith Nketsi


Cause I’m thirsty as hell and you be looking like a cold glass of lemonade on a summers day. Surely this fan is in love with Faith.

You tell us what is your reason if you follow her or if she is one of your favourite Mzansi celebrities?