Peaarl Modiadie

#FridayFashion with Pearl Modiadie: Pictures. The star is having fun with her fashion programme/Show which she is hosting. The show called Raw Silk. She is showing her fashion taste side and it’s all working out, she is talented.

The star made headlines last week after she took us back to her relationship with Donald. Following Pearl Modiadie calling off her engagement with her longtime lover, she has openly spoken about her views on relationships.

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The media personality’s roller-coaster relationships have made headlines and overshadowed some of her achievements at times, and one consistent factor we’ve seen with Modiadie when it comes to her relationships is her willingness to give her partner’s a second chance after their breakup. But she has since moved on.

The TV presenter and model is living the life. She is having fun and enjoying every minute of her life. Despite bad news circulating about her, she is busy ignoring it and concentrating on the positive side of things.

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Pearl is one of the judges of #RawSilkSeason2. Here is some info about the show in case you didn’t know anything about it. RAW SILK follows 13 fashion designers who are selected from all over the country to come and compete here in Johannesburg. The contestants must be willing to spend 7 weeks in Johannesburg where they will be staying with the rest of fellow contestants.


The series has 3 resident judges who decide who stays and who goes home at the end of every episode. Contestants/Designers will be required to work in groups when going about their tasks but will be judged as individuals within the group. Check the latest pictures of her on the show she shared on her Instagram account…

Peaarl Modiadie


Ready for the show, feel like dancing right now…

Peaarl Modiadie


Tel me more …

Peaarl Modiadie


Peek-a-boo ?… such a cheeky little dress .

Peaarl Modiadie


Raw Silk 21:00 on SABC 1 ?
Outfit @fabrosanz

Peaarl Modiadie


A MoonChild Sanelly inspired theme awaits and the designers had tons of fun with this one. One of my favourite challenges ?! I love her free spirit & passion for self-expression
21:00 on SABC 1 My dress by @keys_fashion.

Source: Instagram/News365coza