Helen Zille

South African finance minister Nhlanhla Nene has been subject to intense scrutiny in recent weeks, both in the lead up to and following his testimony at the state capture commission. Zille believes simply meeting with the Guptas is no indication of anything.

His reputation received a blow after he was caught lying in an eNCA clip about having met the Guptas while deputy finance minister and after Amabhungane and the Mail & Guardian published a report looking into the finance minister’s alleged involvement in a deal involving his son and an oil refinery in Mozambique.

Helen Zille

Various takes on Nene’s character have been published on social media, leading to debates about what these revelations could mean.

This prompted Helen Zille to rehash her own meeting with the family which she described as “a fundraising appointment to raise money from Sahara Computers” in response to tweets questioning the conduct of members of public office.

She then reminded people that the DA also took funds from the family but claims they repaid it all once the Gupta family was fingered in the state capture saga.


It seems she came to Nene’s defence by stating that simply meeting with the Guptas is no indication of anything but went on to add that what needs to be considered is the question of whether or not any favours or corrupt relationships followed.

Source: The Citizen