Mbally Dlamini

In Pics: Fitness bunny Mbally Dlamini shows off her ripped stomach. The fitness bunny continues to shine and inspire women to stay healthy and fit. She is posting pictures on her Instagram which are causing chaos on social media.

She is one of the most strong and healthy fitness bunnies we have in Mzansi. We might not have heard more about this bunny but she is one of the finest we have and she is in the same league with Sbahle Mpisane, Zinhle Masango, Minnie Mlungwana just to mention a few.

The fitness bunny is now leading the race and motivating those who used to call themselves thick. She is a clear example of what you can become if you work hard towards achieving your goals.

Mzansi’s fitness bunnies are coming and they are coming in their numbers. It all started with Sbahle Mpisane as she showed us that you can be thick and look gorgeous and hitting the gym makes it even more interesting. From there we have seen a number of fitness bunnies emerging and we are happy with what we are witnessing.

Now we have discovered yet again another bunny and her name is Mbally Dlamini. She is gorgeous, smart and beautiful. The fitness bunny is serving major sauce and you have to see yourself. As we always do we deliver and you tell us what you think of these ones here. She is showing off her ripped stomach and man she is looking gorgeous…

Mbally Dlamini

One more time for the flex…


If summer is refusing to leave, who are we to say no…

Mbally DlaminiGet Waisted 3Weeks Result. I’m still working towards a little bit more definition. This is where I am at the moment. Tired cheese smile…

Mbally Dlamini

Summer weight gains from a foodie. If you’re looking for my Abs, I’m searching for them too??
Yes I train, but I also live a little.

Mbally Dlamini

Off season. I have not been training.
Summer ‘18 tan. Thanks. Bye.