Phindile Gwala and Armando Ngandu

In Pics: Phindile Gwala’s #MCM. The actress and businesswoman is gushing over his husband who is serving major summer body goals. The starlet posted some saucy pictures of her husband and ladies and gentleman the guy is on fire. You have to see the pictures, he is serving summer body goals every man dreams of.

The former Muvhango actress Phindile Gwala is really taking care of herself or is it the man who she is engaged too because man the lady is looking fine. Maybe getting married is what all the ladies should in order for them to look this good.

It’s rare to have celebrity couples open up about their private lives, especially when it comes to their relationships. But when you are head over heels in love with each other you can’t hide it. Just like what Phindile is doing with her man. She is in real love and she can’t hide it. Her hubby Armando Ngandu is one of the hottest celebrities we will ever have in the entertainment industry. Everything she touches is turning to gold. If married life is as fun as Phindile’s then we are all tempted to get married right now. She is the perfect example of a person enjoying her married life.

They recently embarked on a mini vacation and the couple were serving all sorts of #Relationshipgoals. You know its always nice to see one of your best actresses enjoying married life. But what caught our attention most was the body goals the couple served. They both are in great shape and we couldn’t just let this one slide without sharing with you the pictures. They were serving fire…Check the pictures below and you will know for sure she is in cloud nine…

Phindile Gwala and Armando Ngandu


I’m blessed ❤



Phindile Gwala and Armando Ngandu


Paparazzi ? @nganduproduction

Phindile Gwala and Armando Ngandu


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Phindile Gwala and bae

Wow… how I love this couple