K.O assures his fans that he is now doing ok. Another individual who may be seemingly going through a rough patch is K.O which is quite surprising for us because looking from the outside in, Mr Mdluli seems to be doing quite well for himself.

The music industry may come across as glamorous with a whole lot of fun and money but those who are deep within the industry’s trenches will tell you that this industry can be ruthless. Even AKA has flirted with the idea of writing a tell-all book to share with people the challenges he’s experienced in this profession.

K.O MrCashtime

He recently scored an endorsement deal with sneaker brand – Asics Tiger, released two fire singles featuring Cassper Nyovest and AKA plus, was one of the rappers who was featured in DJ Maphorisa’s club banger –  Nayi Le Walk.

So when K.O posted a message on his Instagram page that came across as though he is depressed and stressed out about something that is clearly bothering him, we including a lot of his fans and industry peers were quite taken aback by his message that read:

“Eloi Eloi lama sabachtani” cried Jesus on the cross (my God, my God why have You forsaken me). Exact same words rolling off the tip of my tongue as I stand at the crossroads of my life. I took too many losses for a man with a heart as big as mine and this dark hour has lasted over two years! Lead me to the light”


Concerned about his mental-wellbeing fans of the rapper and his peers reached out to him with countless questions and offering their support to him. Appreciative of the reactions he received from people, K.O a day later then went on to assure people that he was ok and that he is just dealing with a phase in his career that has got him a bit anxious.



He responded again via his social media platforms saying:


“My previous post just happened to be thinking out loud – reflecting. I appreciate all the positive messages – grateful. I’m 100s, a tad of anxiousness perhaps leading up to the next phase of my journey as a man/artist/entrepreneur with the plethora of opportunities looming in the horizon. Sit back and watch me make you proud! God engineering.”


Well, we sure do hope the man is doing ok, after all, he still owes more bangers for the last quarter of 2018. Hopefully, whatever he’s going through he’ll be able to handle like the trooper he is.