Kelly Khumalo

This was confirmed by a picture she posted on instagram with a caption: “Use the power you have been given, Phakama, Nkosazane, Phakama Ndlondlo, Konke kungaphansi kwezinyawo zakho.” It seems songstress Kelly Khumalo has taken a decision to honour her ancestors and answer their calling.

On the photo, she is seen wearing a traditional sangoma cloth and crystal clear beads around her neck. Her fans congratulated her on answering her calling and some even said she inspired them to honour their own gifts.

@bongiwe_mbonambi said: “I’m so proud of you. Khula Ndlondlo this is the most painful but rewarding journey. Kelly replied with, “true Makhosi.” @exo_exo24, said “Mtane Dlozi, you won’t believe me but I saw you a long time ago. I really am not surprised by this.”

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly responded to most of the comments on her post and she responded like a true sangoma, using all the codes. When Daily Sun contacted Kelly she was not so keen on sharing details about her journey.

“This is none of anyone’s business, I said what I said on my post but it concerns none of you,” said Kelly. In 2014, a snagoma said Kelly must thwasa, or all her future boyfriends will die! This shocking warning came from sangoma Makhosi Dumezweni.

The sangoma, from KwaThema in Ekurhuleni, told Daily Sun then that he threw the bones – and they showed him Kelly Khumalo must become a sangoma. He said then: “There’s an ancestor from her mum’s side who wants her to thwasa”. Makhosi said Kelly won’t find peace until she accepts her calling.


Kelly Khumalo

“A dark cloud has always followed her, and the only way she can get rid it is if she accepts her calling and allows her ancestors to protect her,” he said. “People don’t understand what she is going through, even Kelly herself doesn’t understand what is going on in her life.

“More bad things will happen if she doesn’t follow the path she’s been chosen for. “She is unlucky in love, because her ancestors have turned their backs on her.” Makhosi also said Kelly needs to be cleansed by the Meyiwa family. “If she isn’t, her life will continue to be cursed,” he said. “I understand that she lives a different life at the moment, but she needs to go back to her roots and talk to her ancestors. “When you are chosen you are chosen. The ancestors won’t rest until you accept the gift they are giving you.”

Source: Daily Sun