Lasizwe Dambuza addresses another social media lying allegation. After Lasizwe was exposed by his own sister, Khanyi Mbau for lying about a house he claimed to have bought, he has now been accused of lying about landing a new gig. Social media star, Lasizwe Dambuza has addressed new allegations of him being a liar.

He recently took to social media and tweeted: “Another one in the bag, Craze World Live” as he was about to appear on the show. eTV has since announced a new line-up of presenter for their youth programming and Lasizwe is nowhere to be found on the list.

LasizweEntertainment commentator, Phil Mphela has quoted the channel as saying: “he was never under contract as a presenter for the show. He was just doing an entertainment feature for the show”.

Lasizwe was quick to respond, thinking that we were throwing shade at Phil but it all backfired when people called him a pathological liar.

“True. I was never a presenter, I was doing an entertainment feature for the show. @Craze_TV and @etv Thank u for the opportunity many young people wish to have. I have made a beautiful relationship with the Production and Channel, Looking forward to new projects aligned,” he said.

Lasizwe Dambuza

Social media users have accused Lasizwe of deliberately lying and hoping that everyone would just forget about it when the new line-up of presenters came out.


Source: Daily Sun