Florence Radzilani and Stanley Mathabatha

Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha confesses, says love note was his. The recording of Mathabatha surfaced on social media a few weeks ago. In the clip one could hear a man, who sounded like Mathabatha, professing his love for Radzilani, who is married. Limpopo Premier Stan Mathabatha has confirmed that it was him recorded professing his love for Vhembe Municipality Mayor Florence Radzilani.

During an attempt to interdict newspapers, Sunday World and City Press, from publishing details about the recording, Mathabatha admitted that it was him in the voice clip and that the voice clip was recording without his permission.

The Sunday World detailed the court papers, which quoted Radzilani as a respondent saying she as approached by Mathabatha at a hotel where he made advances towards her. She and her husband later decided to record Mathabatha.

Florence Radzilani and Stanley Mathabatha


“When I arrived at the hotel, I related the story to the fifth respondent (her husband) who advised me to record the applicant. Given that marriage is a highly personal and private contract, it would be a blatant intrusion on the dignity of my husband if I don’t disclose the love proposal made by the applicant,” said Radzilani in a statement submitted to the court.

Mathabatha told the court that it was indeed him that was in the recording and that he was trapped by Radzilani. He said the recording was not meant for public consumption as it detailed a conversation between two consenting adults, the Sunday World reported.


“Unbeknown to me and without my consent, the sixth respondent (Radzilani) surreptitiously recorded the telephone communication that I held with her after she had initiated the call to me.

“The sixth respondent has tricked [me] into a telephonic communication with her wherein I expressed my love attraction and feelings for her. I believe that such communication between two consenting adults and done with mutual respect is protected by the constitution. It is not for publication and distribution for public consumption,” said Mathabatha the paper reported.

When contacted for comment by Independent Media on Monday, Mathabatha’s spokesperson, Kenny Mathiva, said the premier had put the matter to rest and would not be commenting on the allegations or the voice clip.

Mathiva said there was a case opened against a man who has been impersonating Mathabatha and soliciting money from people who knew the premier.

Source: IOL News