Zulu Reed dance

Men who attended the annual Reed Dance held at Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini’s palace have complained about not getting erect!ons, even though bare-bre@sted maidens exposing their behinds and th!ghs are in attendance in huge numbers at the event, Isolezwe reports.

The men say they suspect the Zulu royal family uses muti to ensure they do not get erect at the dance, an allegation the family has dismissed. The male attendees of the event said they suspect that muti is used to ensure that they do not get erect at the dance, the newspaper reported.

Zulu Reed dance

Based on these rumours of muti being used to prevent men from getting erect at the Reed Dance, the publication questioned the Zulu royal family, who denied it. A royal family spokesperson told the newspaper that he had not heard of such muti and would therefore not comment on something he is not aware of.

The spokesperson, Prince Thulani Zulu, was quoted as saying that all he knows is that in preparation for the dance the family ensures that safety is a priority. He added that police and security guards are always present at the event to ensure that the maidens are safe at all times.

“We prepare food, lodging places and health facilities to ensure that maidens have all that they need,” prince Zulu told the newspaper. A traditional healer told the publication, however, that the royal family secretly uses muti to ensure men do not get erect at the Reed Dance.

The healer said such muti is necessary to ensure that maidens do not fall prey to lustful men.


Source: The Citizen