Londie London

Londie London launches her online clothing shop. She is ambitious and her hard work is paying up now. Londie London is not stopping and the way she is advancing towards her dreams is actually motivating. From being a socialite to a musician now she is launching her clothesline, girl the speed you are moving with is terrifying.

She is rising very fast and she is the talk of the town. Her music career is blossoming nicely plus she is a H0TTIE herself and is not afraid to show it to the world.

She is the H0TTEST property right now in the game. From being a socialite to a full-time musician, Londie has defied all odds and is heading for greatness. We first got to know about this beautiful woman as an Instagram babe, but she turned table,  started appearing in social events. Dancing for performers and now boom she is now doing the singing.

Things are flowing well for her, she was nominated at the Dance Music Awards shortened as dmasouthafrica awards, where she is nominated in three categories, the first one being in the category of Best Female artist where she will battle out with MS Dippy, Bucie, Jackie Queens.

This is the article we published yesterday and the star has added more pictures of outfits that you can find on her online shop so we decided to add more of the pictures as she models in the outfits. And we all know what Londie can do if she wants and that’s exactly what she is doing.

The shop has a variety of clothes that you can choose and it covers all types of weather conditions giving you the opportunity to slay in all weather conditions..m check them below. CLICK NEXT TO SEE MORE PICTURES.

1Londie London in Black

Londie London