Portia Novela

He would allegedly klap and insult her, and occasionally touched her bum. She used to work at the @busive mlungu’s restaurant. But when he rocked up at 36-year-old Portia Novela’s home in March and asked her to go on a date, she snapped.

Portia of Eastlynne, east of Tshwane, decided that enough was enough. She refused his s.e.xual advances and turned down his offer to go out on a date. This apparently angered her horny boss, who allegedly attacked her and broke her cell phone.

“I went to work the next morning, but he blamed me for everything that went wrong,’ she said. “He threw cooked chicken feet at me, and when I cried he told me to go if I couldn’t take it.”

Portia kept going to work until he fired her at the end of March. “He fired me without a valid reason. I was angry as I needed the job, but there was nothing I could do,” she said. Portia said cops refused to help her when she tried to open a case. The man kept calling and threatening her.

“In July, I decided to report him even though he had threatened to kill me.” Portia said cops had told her it was no use opening a case since she was no longer working for him.

She asked to be taken to the station commander’s office, but the two cops refused. Villeria police spokeswoman Captain Coba Brits asked Portia to visit the station. “We need to find out why she was turned away and whether we can help her open a case,” she said.

When the SunTeam contacted the boss for comment, he hung up the phone and several attempts to reach him failed.


Source: Daily Sun

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