Nasty C finally hangs out with his brother Nasty B: Video. After a picture of the man who looks exactly like Nasty C went viral the rapper was seen hanging out with him at his recent show in Durban.

Picture of Nasty C’s lookalike Nasty B goes viral. We’re sure Nasty C will be happy to find out that his somewhat older twin brother has been found. The young man who was given the nickname Nasty B on social media could pass as the rapper’s sibling.

Nasty C

It’s not easy to find a doppelganger in a world of billions of people, moreover, a doppelganger that looks like your favourite rapper –  Nasty C. On a tweet posted by one Luyanda Bee, a picture of Nasty B has left many tweeps with a lot of questions and if Nasty C is really related to him or not.

Nasty B

This is the picture of the guy who caused chaos last week. Even some of our celebrities joined the fun. One of them was DJ Cleo he tweeted this:


Well, guess what happened to this guy? The rapper Nasty C  was having one of his #IvysonTour in Durban and he had the guy back stage. He even shared a video of him and the guy (Nasty B). Check the video below: