Nasty C’s new hairstyle goes viral on social media


Nasty C’s new hairstyle goes viral on social media. This after he recently got a haircut presumably at a barber shop in the United States that left a lot to be desired.

Local rapper Nasty C is going through some “Bad Hair” days at the moment. And to say the rapper was not happy with the barber’s efforts would be an understatement.

Nasty C

He took to social media to share with his fans how disappointed he was with the haircut and to slam the barber for the rather sloppy haircut.

“F*** this barber,” he captioned a picture showing the haircut on Twitter. “I played myself,” he said, “This barber made me wanna do a full reset, but I can’t imagine myself bald chiskop? Awngeke.

“How am I supposed to glow like this,” he tweeted.

Nasty C

Although some of his fans on social media were sympathetic, many could not help but see the funny side and poke fun at the rapper through hilarious memes.

Nasty C has a music video shoot for his hit King featuring ASAP Ferg coming up and he is determined to get his hair back in proper shape.

Here are some of the tweets:

He posted a video of himself trying out a possible solution to his problem. “With the grace of God, my hair will be back and boomin before the Ivyson Tour,” he added.

Source: Instagram/Daily Sun