pastor Adah Kahababo

Except for the pastor, all the worshippers were women – and all were n@ked! Cops made a dramatic swoop on an unregistered church and discovered a very unusual group of worshippers in the midst of a prayer session.

According to Daily Monitor, the joint security swoop took place on Tuesday at a private house in Rukiga, northern Uganda. The house belongs to the pastor, Adah Kahababo, who leads the Full Gospel Church.

They had been tipped off by the women’s spouses who were reportedly angry that their wives had abandoned them for a whole week to pray day and night with Kahababo.

pastor Adah Kahababo

Resident District Commissioner, Emmy Ngabirano was shocked at the n@ked worshipping. He also wanted to know what the so-called pastor was doing with other people’s naked wives, according to the report.

“We respect the freedom of worship but people must follow the existing laws of operating a church and one of the requirements is to have it registered. The arrested people were holding an illegal assembly in someone’s house, which they claimed to be their church where they have been praying while n@ked,” Ngabirano said.

“As the security team, we shall not allow such unlawful activities as they may lead to a cult like that of Joseph Kibwetere where hundreds of people were burnt to death in a church in Kanungu District in March 2000,” he said.


Source: Daily Sun