Zodwa Wabantu

Picture of the day! Zodwa Wabantu now a model. Is the Vosho queen is expanding her horizon? She recently posted a video saying she will never perform a show for anything less than R35K. Now we have spotted her doing a catwalk at a modelling function. Is she now going to be a model?

The performer made it clear in an Instagram post that she does not come cheap.  If you’re not willing to fork out R35k then don’t expect Zodwa Wabantu to show up to your event.

Zodwa Wabantu


“Know your worth, I have 6 Business friends that I can do Business Favours with. I’m not worried about going out of style. Some people don’t respect you until they wanna make money off you. You think I was polished by my Team to be average. Ohhhh Yes I look average by Looks but with money. 35k That’s it [sic],” Zodwa captioned a video on Instagram.

After being spotted dancing in a nightclub, DJ Tira took her under his wing and she is now one of the most successful stars in South Africa. Over the past year, Zodwa Wabantu has achieved a lot of career highs, from touring the UK to purchasing her first car, she has turned her fame into a thriving business.

Zodwa Wabantu is one of South Africa’s most famous starlets. The star has been in the entertainment industry for less than 2 years and over that short period, she has managed to solidify herself as a household name.


Now it seems she is venturing into the modelling world. Is she going to be a model? Are we going to see her doing these catwalks for a long time? Check this picture of her doing the catwalk which has gone viral on social media…

Zodwa Wabantu


you were just perfect ❤❤❤.thank you so much…