Cannibas beer

Poison City Brewing investors include RCL Foods Ltd. Chief Executive Officer Miles Dally and Spar Group Ltd. CEO Graham O’Connor, the Johannesburg-based newspaper reported.

A South African craft brewery has received funding from a number of well-known Durban-based investors to start making and selling a lager containing cannabis, after the private use of the plant was legalised in the country, Business Day reported.

Cannibas beer

The Durban-based brewer started selling the lager containing hemp — a variety of the cannabis sativa plant largely devoid of mind-altering ingredients — in liquor chains in September, the newspaper reported, citing PCB co-owner Andre Schubert.

The launch comes shortly after the country’s Constitutional Court legalised the private use of cannabis in South Africa, and as global brewing giants increasingly link up with marijuana producers.

Durban Poison is a well-known strain of cannabis.

Source: IOL News