Pasi Koetle

Scandal’s Dintle pictures will activate your weekend mood.  Popularly known as Dintle a character she plays os Etv’s hit drama Scandal, Pasi is one of the household names when it comes to entertainment. She has grown in front of our screens. She came and conquered.

We cannot talk about Scandal and not mention Dintle. Dintle has come from far and her antics keeps on coming and she never gives up. Here are some things to know about Dintle the character.

Having been abandoned by her parents and raised by her aunt, Dintle is determined to overcome poverty and suffering. She is a survivor and does not squirm to use her looks or her charm to improve her status in life. Dintle’s eventful life has seen her marry Mangi while he was in prison; sleep with her father-in-law, Lucas and her husband’s cousin Quinton.

Some of the reasons why we love Dintle:

1. When it comes to stupidity 

Dintle is definitely not the brightest spark in the room. In fact, she confessed that she loves school, but the school doesn’t love her. Remember when she was selling diamonds and was asked if she had a certificate? She replied by asking if they meant a matric certificate!

2. She’s quick to think on her feet


As slow as she can be at times, Didi’s quick to think on her feet. When she was coming on to Mthunzi, she started talking business and even proposed a merger between Thebe Holdings and New Horizons. Guess they do not call her “Double D” (Dintle Delivers) for nothing!

Anyways Pasi Koetle is different from the character she plays on Scandal which has made her become a household name. Pasi is so sweet, beautiful and gorgeous check these pictures below as she gets ready for a dope weekend…

Pasi Koetle


Weekend Mood loading…activating the weekend mood

Pasi Koetle


The behind says it all…

Pasi Koetle


That summer feel we all want…

Pasi Koetle


Settings for a proper weekend

Pasi Koetle


Boss lady