Talitha Ndima

The old convention of wedding proposals has always placed the responsibility on men to be the ones who propose marriage to the women Well, that’s not the case in 2018 as actress and presenter – Talitha Ndima prepares to usher in a new way of approaching marriage proposals.

Talitha Ndima prepares women for marriage proposals. The actress is all for women empowerment especially when it comes to marriage.

Talitha will be hosting a new reality TV show titled Marry Me – “an empowering reality TV programme that showcases women who make the ultimate move” – which is proposing to their men.

Talitha Ndima 

This show is going to be so hectic as it’s been revealed that the brave women will give their partners the shock of their lives by proposing to them, but here’s the real shocker – the women will propose already dressed in their wedding gowns.

ep, you read correctly. So you’re probably wondering how this will work right?

Well, according to a statement released by M-Net: “The bride-to-be has just three days to plan her proposal and dream wedding. She is supplied with a wedding planner and a set budget. She chooses her dream décor, cake, flower arrangement, food menu, her partner’s suit and wedding dress.


Talitha Ndima 

Her family and friends as, well as her partner’s relatives, are all in on the scheme. It’s her task to get them all to show up on her big day and keep her plan a secret until her big reveal. But will he say yes? If he says yes, the couple get married on the spot!”

We don’t see any of this ending well, what happens if he says no? Does this mean all the preparations will have gone to waste? Even worst, what happens to their relationship after the guy says no?

Catch the premiere episode and first season of Marry Me Now from 2 November at 19:00 on 1Magic (DSTV channel 103).

Source: Zalebs