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Andile Mpisane, younger brother of Sbahle Mpisane, has had to remove the Instagram video he posted yesterday featuring his recovering sister in her first “public” appearance since her horrific accident a month ago.

“It is unfortunate that she has been exploited in this manner”, said the Mpisane family This after “some malicious attacks towards me, my sister, and family,” states Mpisane in another Instagram caption.

Sbahle Mpisane in Durban

Mpisane said: “The video was to inform the public of the great progress and recovery stage of her state… after the tragic accident she had as people were gossiping all negative rumours on social media, newspapers, about her which pains me dearly and my family. Thanks very much for the continuous support and prayers and note that my sister Sbahle appreciates each and every one of you. Siyabonga.”

Andile Mpisane

A close family friend took to Instagram to share the statement issued by the family which reads as follows:

The Mpisane family and friends would like it to be known that yesterday’s video was taken and posted without our knowledge or consent. It is unfortunate that she has been exploited in this manner. We wish to inform the public that Sbahle was heavily medicated, and had no comprehension of what was going on. She still has a long road to full recovery. We are extremely proud of her progress and fighting spirit thus far.


We thank you all for your love, support and prayers for our Fitness Bunnie. She loves and appreciates you all. We continue to ask for privacy.
THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS?? Please note: We would like to distance ourselves from anything posted on the royal_am10 andilempisane10 accounts.

Source: Instagram/News365coza

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